• Image of Isolation EP

"Isolation comes along and gives us all a swift kick to the head and really tears shit to shreds. The 3 tracks on here do not disappoint and make the wait worth it. Frontman Xavier Vicuna has never sounded more menacing and ferocious as he does here. From the destructive first track, ‘The Darkening’, it’s clear these boys aren’t here to play, they mean serious business. Crushing, almost bruising riffs and thrash fueled drumming fill this EP to the brim. Isolation is almost an exercise in how to keep things interesting in the heavy music scene when most are content to just sound like whatever band has garnered the most attention at the moment. Not only are these 3 of the most vicious songs in the bands catalog"

1. Return To The Earth
2. The Darkening
3. Isolate

-Included with purchase is some limited edition vinyl stickers made by our friends at Enemy Ink, and a customized canvas patch. (While supplies last)

We no longer have physical copies of this EP but you are more than welcome to download it digitally at this link: https://fortywinters.bandcamp.com/album/isolation

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